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Below are links to the best Christian sermons online and best resources for Christian sermons that I've found.

Two downloadable versions of the WHOLE bible in mp3 format. One is the King James Version, and the other is the WEB (more of a modern language bible, similar to the NIV, but without copyrights). You'd be surprised how quick you can get through the bible listening to these. What I like to do is play the audio, sit at my computer and take notes on the text while listening. You can get through an average book of the bible in about an hour and a half. Best of all its FREE! So you can even burn them on cd's and listen to them in your car (better use of your time than the radio), or distribute them.

Thousands of downloadable mp3 sermons.  In contrast to sermonaudio.com, this site has a wide selection of traditional messages from early 20th century preachers and readings from old writings rather than modern speakers.  The content is great.  The discussion forum is also one of the best.

Download 73,000+ sermons in mp3 format. Well organized. Churches from all over post their audio messages here.  A good selection of mp3's from older speakers is available as well (though not as focused as sermonindex.net).  If you're into apologetics and bible defense against things like evolution, there are different debates and messages to listen to ('Ken Ham' is a good resource, in my opinion).  All free to download.

Michael Phillips

Weekly sermons are available here:

Hundreds of audio messages are available by Michael Phillips (in mp3 format).  This is the site I visit the most.  There are additional ones are located at www.sermonaudio.com/gbc.  The messages are very practical and informative.  I especially enjoy the ones on Christian church history (the whole series is available at www.sermonaudio.com - Michael Phillips Church History Series).   This includes messages that summarize the lives of old heroes (such as Martin Luther, David Brainerd, Charles Spurgeon, etc) and also tell of various movements God has seen fit to graciously give to His people, such as the great awakening and the reformation.

Recommended messages (all are excellent, but the following are some of my favorite among the two sites):

Zac Poonen

Sermons are available here:

Zac Poonen is a preacher in India who gives very practical messages.  On this site are hundreds of his mp3 sermons including 70 one-hour sermons bringing out the distinctive messages in each book of the bible.  There are also many other messages organized by topic, videos, and a set of sermons called "the basics" targeting the beginning foundational Christian truths.

Recommended messages:

Revival Hymn
Click on the link below to download the "Revival Hymn." It's an audio compilation composed of clips of sermons from early/mid 20th century preachers like Ravenhill, Tozer, Reidhead and Sparks with orchestra background music.  Many people will listen to it dozens of times.  Download it (the full 32 MB version) HERE.  Download the lower quality (6mb version) HERE.  Both are located on www.SermonIndex.net.

Top Sites

Hundreds of practical mp3 sermons and writings by Zac Poonen.

A faithful welfare and missionary group. They are doing a tremendous work for the Lord in Pakistan and South Africa.

10,000 illustrations organized by topic.  Many of the illustrations are true stories.  This is a great resource for pastors, and any Christian will benefit reading through these.

Similar to the link above, but contains even more illustrations which pastors, youth leaders and such can use.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library.  This site has hundreds of classic Christian works, all free for download in different formats (txt, html, pdf, and some even in audio).  There is enough here to last you a lifetime of reading.  There are multitudes of works by many authors such as: John Calvin, William Gurnall, Jonathan Edwards, PT Forsyth, John Bunyan, Flavius Josephus, Brother Lawrence, Stephen Charnock, Richard Baxter, John Flavel, CH Spurgeon, George Whitefield, Martin Luther (just to name a few).  All free to download, read, and distribute.  I'd recommend getting a laser printer!

A free bible program.  Download different translations and add-ons.

The best site to read the bible online.  You can search many different versions.  They also have the only links (that I know of) where you can listen to the audio bible in the NIV format

Answers in Genesis
A great encouragement to those who are believers and struggling with questions like "Hasn't the earth been here for millions of years?"  The whole focus of this ministry is Genesis 1 and it's truth.  

Portraits of great Christians - Intouch short biographies of heroes of the faith.  DL Moody, AW Tozer, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, Amy Carmichael, Charles Finney, and others.

Radio broadcasting site led by Dr. Charles Stanley.  His messages are focused on salvation and what God has done for us.  InTouch has a motto that they're "dedicated to having a passion for God, and compassion for people." On this site you'll find Devotionals, a place to study the Word of God, a Bookstore for those newer Christian Books, and a Magazine you can subscribe to.

http://fishthe.net Use your computer for more than just typing! Many different ways to spread the gospel including things like chat, message boards and e-mail. "The Evangelistic Tackle Box" in the middle of the main page shows you great sites that will teach you apologetics, online sermons, and everything you need to know to introduce people to Christ.

You have to look through this site to find the good stuff. This "reasons to believe" site has many articles meant to help you increase, and defend your faith.

Christian Research
Institute for Christian Research page containing many great miscellaneous documents; everything from falseness of evolution to mysteries of creation. Very good, interesting site.

Puritan Sermons
Classic works by the old puritans.  Works by (but not limited to) Thomas Manton, Stephen Charnock, Richard Baxter, Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Goodwin, John Flavel, William Gurnall, John Owen, Thomas Watson, Richard Sibbes, and many others.


It's good to pray for and donate to all kinds of ministries for God.  But I'm very careful about where I donate to online.  To be a good steward, you must be careful to use God's money wisely.  The following are a few of the charities I've found to be doing the work of God, and worthy to donate to.  

I personally know these people and they are doing a wonderful work both in South Africa and Pakistan. I am truly humbled and amazed at the amount of hard work they have done and the zeal they showed for our Lord Jesus Christ. They are willing to spend and be spent for the sake of the gospel.

Answers in Genesis
This ministry is very unique.  A project is in the works called the "creation museum."  It is a large museum showing the history of the world as explained in the bible, and revealing the errors that have been written in modern science books.  I believe this ministry is good to donate to because it is very encouraging to new believers who haven't learned yet to believe God's word above every man's.

San Francisco street ministries.  There aren't very many organized street ministries out there, but this is one of them.  And they minister to a city that definitely needs to hear the word.  You can donate easily via paypal.

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